Photo by  Daniel Shapiro

Artist Statement: 

My paintings are sensitive depictions of the human condition: the desire to feel beautiful and important, the plague of self-doubt, the burden of mortality and the fear of loss. With an emphasis on capturing movement and raw emotion, my work is an exploration of the underlying levers of identity that control these desires and doubts. I use the human figure – referencing myself, people in my life and pieces of my subconscious – as a mirror of self-reflection. The ritual of painting becomes a meditation on themes of self-discovery and letting go. I mix stark realism with broad painterly strokes, displaced shapes and abstract washes to create a world for my subjects that is not quite permanent, but flexible to movement, change and growth.

Michelle Silver is an oil painter and graphic designer currently working and living in Cold Spring, New York.

For all graphic design inquiries, please visit Michelle Silver Design Studio